We can inspect, clean, repair, and reroute your dryer vent system. We can also install a new outside dryer exhaust hood to help with air flow and keep animals out.

Going Greener for a Cleaner Tomorrow!

Cleaning & maintenance

We use the newest technology in the air duct cleaning industry.  With a large vacuum and air driven tools we are able to clean all types of ducting.

We protect the customers furniture and flooring by using corner guards, floor coverings, and shoe covers.

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Blower Door Testing

     This  is for testing the energy effeciency of a building or                   structure,  With this service we are able to find air infiltration               (air leaks) in a structure through windows, doors, cracks, ect.               By correcting these problems you can correct air flow issues                 and help to maintain even temperatures while decreasing the               time the furnace has to run, which will save you money in your             heating and cooling bills.  


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Carpet Cleaning

    We have been cleaning carpets for over 30 years.  Save                   on the cost of replacement by having your carpets                                 professionally cleaned.  We clean residential and                                   commercial carpets.  

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Air Duct Cleaning

     We have a DCN & NADCA certified air duct cleaning                         specialist on site for all our air duct cleaning jobs.  We have                   been cleaning air duct systems since 1991.

 Why clean your air ducts?  Here are some reasons:



           Respitory issues

           Excessive dust in the house

           Recently did some remodeling

           Previous owner with a smoker

           Previous owner had pets (cats, dogs, etc.)

            Installing new furnace

           Fire damage

           Water damage

           Smoke damage

           New house (construction debris)

           Never been cleaned

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Dryer Vent Cleaning & Rerouting

     With a certified dryer exhaust technician (CDET) on all                       job sites we will inspect, clean, and reroute dryer ducts,  By                   maintaining the dryer duct you can save money from                               effeciency and reduce the wear on your clothes and the risk                   of a dryer fire!

Some signs that the dryer duct needs to be cleaned:                                           Clothes take longer to dry than normal                                                         Clothes are hot after the drying cycle                                                       Dryer is physically getting hot                                                                   When you open the door there is cold air coming in                                 Possible animal getting in (bird nesting, etc.)

By cleaning the dryer duct you can increase the dryer                             effeciency which will save you money with your electric or                       gas bill. Since the dryer wears out your clothes the longer it                   runs it will also extend the life of your clothes .

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